The Center for Digestive Diseases

LINX Reflux Management System

We seldom give thought to the intricate path our food takes once we ingest it, but having the ability to look inside our digestive tract gives doctors vital information that can help keep us healthy.

At The Center for Digestive Diseases at Fountain Valley Regional Hospital, our skilled and caring team of physicians and staff provides an array of diagnostic services along with treatment of digestive disorders.

Digestive Care

  • Upper GI tract (esophagus, stomach and duodenum)
  • Lower GI tract (intestines, colon and rectum)
  • Hepatobiliary system (liver, gallbladder and pancreas)
  • Cancer services
  • Swallowing services
  • Chronic heartburn
  • Adult and pediatric patients
  • Services performed in our Endoscopy Center or the main hospital GI lab

Diagnostic Evaluations

  • EGD/Upper GI Endoscopy
  • Colonoscopy
  • Sigmiodoscopy
  • 24 Hour Ambulatory PH Studies
  • Esphageal Manometry
  • ERCP

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